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bgr1Private Label Services
  • • Our manufacturing unit and R&D laboratory in Germany comply with the quality level (QM) of: GMP, ISO, IKW, IHK, class 2 medical devices, VAH/DGHM. 
  • • Product range: Biocides (disinfectants and repellents), Dermatology and Cosmetics (creams, gel, lotions, ointments, liquid products), Medical devices (micro-enema), syrup, aerosols. All the products can be registered as class 2 medical devices, CPNP, Biocides, OTC, in accordance with the EU and national laws.
  • • We own manufacture capacity both for smaller quantities and for larger ones (in the case of incipient projects or for special customers), but we are also able to maintain an affordable price for our customers, which is important for their competitiveness.
  • • Other information on our manufacture unit and research & development laboratory.
  • - our research & development laboratory is fitted with the most important devices required for the research activity.
  • - specialized team led by Dr. Udo Becker.
  • - working together with the most important test laboratories of Europe.
  • - automated manufacturing line; the manufacturing team is constantly specialized in new trends.
  • - our laboratory is able to conduct product tests.
  • - we are able to package in any form of any existing packaging.
  • - we have advantageous partnerships with top companies in the packaging manufacture sector.
  • - in Switzerland, we have our own production for naturals extracts used in various products.
  • - we ensure conformity rules are observed for the products and customers’ companies; product approvals; documentation drawing up; technical and safety data sheets, etc.
  • - we offer support for marketing services; graphics and design; printing and logistics services.