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Confidentiality policy

Dear customer,
Please be informed that, as of 25.05.2018, the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) are in force; S.C. Syncodeal GmbH has taken all the technical and organizational measures to ensure the continued processing of your data in accordance with the legal safety (integrity and confidentiality) requirements in force.
 S.C. Syncodeal GmbH is registered with the tax registration code: RO27339182, Trade Register no.: J23 /169 /2011. Address: Sos.Gării no. 161 Complex Gloria- Bl.6,com.Jilava, county Ilfov, 077120, Romania, telephone numbers: +4 021 337 83 33, +4 021 337 80 38, fax: +4 037 287 07 06, person of contact Mr. Bogdan Calancea by e-mail (see “Contact”) or the management team.
 S.C. Syncodeal GmbH has been registered with ANSPDCP (Romanian Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data) with the no. 31502, for the purposes “advertising, marketing, and publicity”, “online trade” and “statistics”
Personal data protection policy
S.C. Syncodeal GmbH seeks to protect as much as possible the right regarding the website users’ confidentiality and image. We intend to provide you, the website user, with a safe online experience that will not have a negative effect on your personal life. To this end, we take every necessary measure to make sure that the information you enter in our database is used exclusively for your intended purposes.
Personal data we are processing
 When the user logs in on the website, by accessing the various services and products or by activating some promotional or advertising pieces, S.C. Syncodeal GmbH will collect personal information that could lead to the identification of a specific person.
 You are under no obligation to enter personal data, unless you want to receive advertising or promotional materials or unless you want to order online.
You have the obligation to supply correct data to us, since such data is required for an optimal purchase process. Your refusal may lead to problems in the processing of your order.
The personal data we process may include:
Personal data supplied by you
 In some parts of the website, S.C. Syncodeal GmbH will ask you to supply personal data, including your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, potentially the credit card number, contact information, invoicing information and other information to allow your identification. In other parts of the website, you will be asked to provide demographic information that cannot identify you, such as: postal code, age, sex, marital status, purchase habits and preferences, lifestyle details, such as hobbies and interests. At times, we may collect a combination of the two types of information.

Furthermore, the servers of S.C. Syncodeal GmbH receive and record information regarding the IP address and the cookie information of the website you use. You may accept or reject the cookies by modifying the settings from your browser, but it may happen that not all the interactive features of our page are available, if cookies are deactivated.

By using the applications of S.C. Syncodeal GmbH, you agree with the collection, processing and storing of personal data supplied voluntarily by you. Data storage means that the voluntarily offered data is kept on any kind of medium and for an unspecified amount of time. Data processing means the sum of operations run on personal data (e.g.: collection, recording, organization, extraction, storage, deletion).
 The terms “website/site”, “this website” and “the website” used herein make reference to the online store – delivery sales center S.C. Syncodeal GmbH Site-ul S.C. Syncodeal GmbH is owned by the company S.C. Syncodeal GmbH, which is also its author and administrator.

 The terms “user”, “visitor” and “you” mean all the natural and/or legal persons accessing the website, regardless of their reason.

 The term “personal data” means the information we collect from you, based on which you can be identified individually. Such data may include your name, address, telephone number (including mobile phone number), credit card information, pseudonym, e-mail address, age, sex, and marital status; it may also include other information, such as shopping habits and preferences and lifestyle details, for example hobbies and interests.
 The services provided by this website are intended for people older than 18 years. Our company reserves the right to amend these provisions, without prior notification. We reserve the right to amend the Terms and conditions without notification; for this reason, please check their updated versions.
 The whole website Content is the ownership and is protected by the laws in force on copyright protection. The unapproved use of any of the above-mentioned items is subject to penalties under the laws in force. Thus, the following aspects are explicitly prohibited: accessing the site for the copying of its content by automatic devices or programs or the manual copying of the content. Photos and data may only be used with consent and approval in writing.
A cookie is a text-only string of information, which an internet page transfers to the cookie file of the browsers on the hard disk of your computer, so that the internet page can remember who you are. Usually, a cookie contain the name of the cookie generating domain, the cookie “lifetime” and a value, usually a single randomly generated number.

When an internet page is visited, sometimes it sends a cookie. Cookies may be used in the following ways:

- to help the sites to recognize a unique visitor and to allow its administrators to organize the content or advertisements matching the users’ interests or to avoid the repeated transmission of the same contents to the same user;

- to compile aggregated statistics, which allow us to understand how users use our page and help us to improve the structure of our page. Thus, we cannot identify you individually.
Personal data collection and use by S.C. Syncodeal GmbH
S.C. Syncodeal GmbH uses your stored personal data – details supplied when logging in and the activity you performed on our website – in particular for your easier access to the site, for the improvement of the products and services and for your notification as regards the latest products and services in which you are interested.
We may use your personal data exclusively for the following purposes (”Authorized Purposes”):
•The supply of our services
•Communication with you
•The usual purposes for which your data is used are the following ones:
1) Answer to your requests
 When you ask us a question or you submit a demand, we will use your data to answer your request/demand. In some cases, we may need to share your data to other data processors of third parties, precisely to make sure that you will receive promptly and correctly the answer to your request/question and solely for this purpose.
2) Direct future marketing
 When you opt explicitly for the receipt of advertising/promotional materials, we will send occasionally information we believe may interest you. For example, when you log in, you will be asked to provide your consent on the use of your personal data for information by e-mail or other forms of communication as regards the updates to the websites, the new opportunities offered by S.C. Syncodeal GmbH, as well as additional information to your interest and useful newsletters. Only if you agree will we be able to send your data to other carefully selected companies that may wish to send you information as specified on the day when we collect your data. However, you will be able to withdraw at any time from any such future contract (by unsubscribing). Such a withdrawal/unsubscribing will lead to the end of any such forwarding to you.
3) Running statistics
The statistics we run are useful for the monitoring of the users’ presence on the website and of the activity design. To this end, we will use both your personal data and cookies. As regards such statistics, your presence is anonymous.
Security of our headquarters
We use a video surveillance system to ensure the security of our headquarters, for purposes regarding personal safety and the safety of buildings and properties. Thus, video surveillance may be used for the monitoring of the outdoor and indoor areas of our offices, where there are no reasonable expectations regarding private life.
Legal grounds for the processing of your personal data
Taking into account the fact that you have the right to know the purpose for which your personal data is processed, we will notify you beforehand about the processing of your personal data to ends different from those for which you disclosed the said data.
Execution of contracts with our customers
According to the contracts or terms and conditions you accepted, as customer of S.C. Syncodeal GmbH, we will process the personal data you disclose to us, as well as any other data necessary for the supply of our services, in line with the contractual conditions and with the Romanian laws.
The execution of the contract made with you is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data for the following purposes: provision of our services, communication with you and activities relating to the customer assistance service.
Your consent
Obligations under the law
We may process some of your data, in the context of the services, based on the legal obligations (e.g. for reporting or for the fight against money laundering) or based on the obligations incumbent upon the website S.C. Syncodeal GmbH under the applicable laws.
Share and disclosure of personal data
As a rule, S.C. Syncodeal GmbH will not supply (by sale or rental) your personal data to third parties. Nevertheless, S.C. Syncodeal GmbH will send the information to third parties, whenever this is necessary for the purpose of data processing, such as:
Competent authorities
We may disclose personal data to law-enforcing institutions, to the extent to which this is required under the law or is strictly necessary for the prevention, identification or criminal pursuit of offences and fraud or if we are otherwise under any legal obligation to do so. We may need to disclose personal data to the competent authorities in order to protect and defend our rights or property or the rights and property of our business partners.
Other situations
In some specific situations, when we collect your personal data, we may ask for your consent in order to send the said data to third parties. In this case, we will notify you on such processing and we will not send the data before we have your consent.
Data processors
For the processing of personal data, we may use authorized processors, such as providers of IT solutions necessary for business management, including accounting solutions.
Storage duration
We have implemented technical and organizational measures for the structuring of the described process and criteria regarding personal data deletion.
Your personal data will be deleted when it is no longer reasonably necessary for the authorized purpose or when you withdraw your consent (where appropriate) and, legally speaking, we are no longer required to continue to store such data. Nevertheless, we will keep your personal data where it is necessary for us to support or to defend you or other persons against any legal claims, until the end of the relevant storage period or until the said claims are solved.
Safety of personal data
Personal data is secured against threats and we make sure that protection is ensured by an adequate IT infrastructure and matching security measures. Moreover, we have implemented internal measures allowing us to identify, notify and document promptly the security breaches.
If we uncover any kind of personal data breach, which poses a threat to your rights and freedoms, we will notify the Romanian Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing. You will be notified with respect to the breach of your personal data, if this leads to a high risk for your rights and freedoms.
Your rights regarding personal data processing
You have the following rights regarding personal data processing:
The right to access you own personal data.
The right to rectify inaccurate personal data.
The right to restrict the processing of personal data. This right is applicable when:
- you challenge the accuracy of the personal data we process;
- the processing of your personal data is illegal;
- we no longer need your personal data, for processing, but they are necessary for the ascertainment, exercise or protection of a right in a court of law;
- you have opposed the processing of your personal data, for the time interval when a verification is conducted on whether the controller’s legitimate rights prevail over your rights.
If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data or if you want to send us a request or to exercise any of your rights regarding personal data processing, please contact us by using the e-mail address This e-mail address is protected against spambots. Please activate JavaScript to view it. (see “Contact”)
We will analyze each request and notify you with respect to the measures we take, as soon as possible, within maximum one month. If we need additional information or if we encounter problems when trying to solve your request, we will notify to you promptly the fact that we need more time for an adequate analysis of your request.
If you consider that we did not manage to solve all your demands or if you are not content with our answers, you may file a petition with the Romanian Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing. You may also choose to pursue the matter in the courts of law.
S.C. Syncodeal GmbH seeks to protect as much as possible the right to privacy and the personality right (image right) of the website users. Our main goal is to provide the user with a safe online experience, which should not affect negatively his/her personal life. To this end, we take all the measures to make sure that the information you enter in our database is used solely for your intended purposes.

We guarantee that we will not collect other personal data whenever you visit our website, except for the data offered voluntarily, by your explicit consent. S.C. Syncodeal GmbH will not send (by sale or rental) your personal data to third parties.

S.C. Syncodeal GmbH makes an exception from this rule in the following situations:

- your personal data may be sent to authorities, upon the latter’s reasonable request, for the investigation of offences;

- if your activities breach the terms and conditions indicated by S.C. Syncodeal GmbH, or they breach the guidelines on the use of some products and services;

- if S.C. Syncodeal GmbH merges or is bought in full or in part by another company, the database is transferred to the new operator. If S.C. Syncodeal GmbH becomes insolvent, the database may be sold, traded only with approval from a court of law. In such situations, you will be notified by e-mail or by a notice posted on the website.

Website users may send comments, questions and suggestions. Any information sent via the contact forms will be used in accordance with the individual right to confidentiality and image (personality right).
 Return policy:
 The Romanian laws on electronic sales-purchases and on the remote contract conditions (Ordinance no. 130/31.08.2000, supplemented by the law no. 51 of 21 January 2003 for the approval of the Government Ordinance no. 130/2000) stipulates: "The consumers has the right to notify the vendor, in writing, about the cancellation of the purchase, without penalties and without citing any reason, within 10 business days as of the receipt of the product".
Therefore, you may return any product ordered from our virtual store, within 10 days, without penalties and without being asked why you made this decision. The withdrawal from the contract may only occur in writing. Under these legal provisions, only the products not picked up from our office may be returned. The only condition is that the product is in the same state in which it was delivered to you (it should have the original packaging and the related documents – fiscal invoice and receipt, as appropriate). Within maximum 30 days as of the return we will refund the equivalent amount of the order in your account, by postal order or by courier.
The buyer will bear the return expenses. The transport expenses and the expenses with the insurance of the goods will not be returned.
You cannot return a product with defects caused by you. We make sure that the products of reach you in the best conditions.
The products will be returned on the customer’s expense, the using the same transport service that shipped the products. The returned goods must be insured during transport, on the customer’s expense.  
If you received a product different from the one you ordered, you can return it. Our company will bear all the transport expenses and will send you the requested product as soon as we receive the parcel. If the said product is no longer available, its equivalent value will be returned to you in full or you will be able to select other products on our website within the amount you paid to us.
If you ordered another product by mistake, you may return it for exchange, provided that both the product and the packaging are not open and deteriorated at all. In this case, you will bear the transport fees. The returned goods must be insured during transport, on the customer’s expense.
 To return the product, please write to us, at the address: Sos.Gării no. 161 Complex Gloria- Bl.6, com.Jilava, county Ilfov, 077120,Romania Telephone: +4 021 337 83 33 / +4 037 113 97 31 / +4 021 337 80 38, Fax: +4 037 287 07 06, or e-mail (see „Contact”). Send the parcel with the product and the invoice in the received parcel to an address communicated to you by our operators. In this case, you will bear the transport fees. The returned goods must be insured during transport, on the customer’s expense.
Amendments to the Personal Data Protection Policy
If we decide to amend this notification, for the improved protection of your rights and personal data, we will publish the new version here; it will replace the current version.
Thank you for the confidence you allow us in terms of your personal data and thank you for reading our notification regarding personal data processing. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding your personal data and its processing.
This Confidentiality Policy applies as of 24.05.2018.