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 safecleanManufacturing area - Dr. Udo Becker, Dusseldorf area, Herrenpfad Süd, Nettetal, Germany

udo2• Offices & R&D laboratory

• Fully automated manufacturing

• Raw material warehouse

• Finished product warehouse

• High-performance liquid chromatography

• Gas chromatography

• Refractive index assessments

• Basic tests: a number of microbiology controls and tests, pH value calculations, dry residue content, viscosity assessments, skin compatibility assessments, etc.

• GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)

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All disinfectant solutions are:
• Ideal for dosing devices.
• They can be used with a large range of devices and instruments.
• Without harmful emission and unpleasant odors. Natural fragrances.
• VAH-GERMANY listed and CEN certified (European Standard).
• Made in Germany.

All the surface disinfection products are:
• Registered in the VAH – GERMANY test lists.
• Proven and certified efficacy against bacteria, fungi and viruses (HBV, HIV, HCV).
• Free of aldehydes, phenols, halogens and their byproducts.
• They can be used in all the medical premises: hospitals, medical practices, cosmetic wards, care homes, etc.
• Adequate for food processing/cooking areas.
• For all the areas requiring sanitation: restrooms, bathrooms, etc.
• Adapted to use with dosing devices.

All the products for hand and skin disinfection are:
• Delicate and protecting the skin.
• VAH-GERMANY listed CEN certified (European Standard).
• Packaged in different sized recipients – e.g.: 100, 250, 500, 1000 ml
• They contain skin hydrating and nutritious agents.
• Free of aldehydes, phenols, halogens and their byproducts.
• Ready-made.
• Efficient against bacteria (including Tb.), fungi and viruses (including HBV/HIV).

Hands are the most frequent method by which pathogens are spread. Frequent disinfection of hands reduces significantly the transmission of pathogens. Efficient disinfection is difficult on tired or irritated skin; therefore you should opt for a disinfectant that is gentle with your skin.



the correct method of hand disinfection