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Hand hygiene is not a single action; it is a whole system

Distinction between washing and disinfection:


• Washing allows only a decrease in the number of infection-linked pathogens
• It takes 2-3 minutes
• Frequent washing removes the sebum protection the outer layer of skin
• This activity depends on a source of water


• Safer and more efficient method to eliminate/inactivate pathogens.
• Quicker than 30-second washing.
• Better protection of skin – It does not remove the protective layer of sebum and applies skin-protecting substances
• Flexibility – Disinfection may occur anywhere; it does not depend on the presence of a source of water.


germenidezmaini neglijate
The hand hygiene concept includes:

• Washing of hands
• Wearing of gloves
• Skin protection
• Skin care
• Disinfection of hands

Frequent mistakes when disinfecting hands:
• Wet hands
• The product is not spread on the whole hand
• Insufficient quantity of disinfectant
• A too short contact

Metoda corecta de desinfectare spalare maini

The most common method of spreading pathogens is through the hands. Frequent hand disinfection significantly reduces the transmission of pathogens. Tired or irritated skin is difficult to disinfect effectively, so it is useful to choose a delicate disinfectant with the skin.

6 critical hand hygiene mistakes:

• Washing hands without any use, too frequent!
• Choosing improper hand cleansing products that cause dehydration and inflammation of the skin!
• Incomplete debris removal due to negligent drying or using the hot air dryer!
• Wearing gloves on wet hands!
• Exaggerated washing during recess!
• Poor protection (before exposure) and / or insufficient or inadequate care (of your skin type) of the skin (after exposure)!

Using the wall dispenser:

• Use the elbow to activate the power lever
• The dispenser must be disinfected periodically
• The containers should not be refilled or filled

When exactly are the hands disinfected, outside the areas populated by patients?

• Before starting work
• When changing workstations
• After using the toilet
• After removing the protective gloves
• After blowing your nose, sneeze, cough

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